In the current era where technology is constantly evolving, FM WhatsApp has established itself as the customer’s most used and favourite app globally, as it connects billions of people around the world. However, currently, the need of customers is that they have control and customization over their messages and messaging experience, an alternative to which is FM WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp is an upgraded version with more features to enhance visual experience and privacy and security for users



App Name FM Whatsapp
Requirement Android 4.4
Version v9.81
Size 55.6 MB
Price Free
Last Updated 1 Hour Ago


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Features Of FM Whatsapp

Fully Customizable:

WhatsApp have always worked on the approach one size fits all. But FM WhatsApp goes beyond this approach by providing customizable options and focusing on promoting the individuality. Users can change the themes, have more colourful and visual options which expresses their individuality better and with enhanced privacy settings will stop relying on third party apps.

Inbuilt App Lock:

FM WhatsApp has put its focus on privacy and security along with making it a customizable experience. They have gone a step beyond the official WhatsApp by providing a built-in app lock option. It has made the security issue of relying on third-party app lockers. It ensures that the chats are safe at the highest level. You can have the flexibility to set the password as you like using PIN, Password or fingerprint lock. FM WhatsApp adds an extra layer of security through this option.

Special FM Theme Store:

Visual appeal is very important in messaging apps as most of the time we are messaging someone and having long or short conversations. FM WhatsApp has recognized the importance of creating a private space that resonates with us. We can make it aesthetic, attractive and unique in our way from the captivating theme store and the most captivating we have other technical features as well. Download FM today to discover the possibilities.

More Privacy Options: 

In this era of AI, data security has become the highest level of concern and needs to be guarded 24/7. FM WhatsApp has recognized the issue of data privacy and protection by enhancing the features of security and protection. These features put the users as an ultimate control over their data.

Custom Backup & Restore:

Whenever we transfer our data while switching phones or upgrading the app there is always an important piece of data that seems to be missing or we are unable to recover. FM WhatsApp has resolved this by enhancing customizable data backups and restoring options. You can find this option in the settings panel, in the backup and repair section.

Free Status Downloader:

We watch the status of others and have to rely on third-party apps to download our favourite reels or statuses. But in the process, third-party apps create an inherent risk of data security as we have to allow them access to the app. Gone are the days of third parties by FM WhatsApp as it gives us an in-built option of downloader. Now we can save special moments with a single tap and enhance security at the same time.

Universal Settings Option:

The most difficult thing in any app is the setting page as there is always a sea of pages which you need to dive through to be on the required option. FM WhatsApp has introduced universal setting options which allow you to change and customize your settings through a single page and will be applicable instantly. So no need to get lost in the ocean just download FM WhatsApp and enjoy the simple and effective solutions to your problems.


Anti-Delete Messages:

It has become a great issue which gives users a headache to continue the conversations with the deleting option. As the deleting option has become more frequent in use it has become difficult to hold a conversation as the messages keep vanishing into thin air. FM WhatsApp allows users to see what has been deleted it provides an option to people who wish to maintain a record of important conversations.

Is FM WhatsApp Safe to Use?

Choose the Right Source:

The app has ensured data security and developed features to support their claim. But it is our duty to protect from third part malware by not downloading the app from unknown sources.

Beware of Third-Party Websites:

Thousands of websites are offering downloadable APK of FM WhatsApp but not every single website can be trusted. As third parties are not in the control of FM. Therefore it is on us to download from the known and trusted source to reduce the chance of you data gets stolen.

Protect Your Device:

In crunch safeguarding your phone is in your hands and you can do it by doing enhanced due diligence before downloading apps from unknown sources to avoid third party malware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to update FM WhatsApp to its latest version? 

Yes for updating the app to its latest version visit the official website and check for updates. Download the updated version of the APK file if available.

How to enable lock on the FM WhatsApp App?

Access setting after opening the FM WhatsApp app click on three dots in the top right corner. Find privacy or security click on it and then enable Fingerprint lock or APP lock. Set up a pin or a password by doing this FM WhatsApp will be protected.

Is rooting your phone required to install FM WhatsApp?

You are not required to rot your phone to install FM WhatsApp. 


Final Words

FM WhatsApp has made its name for its customizable, security and enhanced features to improve instant messaging even a level ahead. It allows users to customize and make the experience more personal. FM WhatsApp have enhanced privacy settings, more attractive themes and customization choices which gives users control over their messaging experience. With its enhanced security options and in built lock system there is no need for third party apps reducing the risk of data theft. In all FM WhatsApp aims to provides its users with the experience on their own terms.